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ZEROCertified sets out to empower action towards a carbon negative world. We see the ever-growing ambition to achieve carbon negativity, and this transcends society; from governments to communities, and companies. Everyone can benefit through the curtailing of carbon dioxide emissions.

Carbon-impact is firmly set to define sustainable business practise for the upcoming decades. Increasingly in the commercial world, the licence to operate for companies will be their pro-active achievements in reaching Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

We see that the bridging of markets through carbon-impact helps to meet needs on all sides. Those generating negative emission projects benefit from the instigation of new revenue streams, meaning that innovations can be supported and accelerated. By financially supporting this innovative work, corporates can claim impact towards their net ZERO ambitions. Additionally, verified carbon emission reductions provide the necessary trust-factor for all stakeholders in the process.

ZEROCertified’s mission is accelerate the world-wide Carbon Dioxide Removal by connecting the upstream customer’s large-scale demand for Voluntary Carbon Credits to the downstream customers of large-scale supply of those credits. This connection accelerates innovations which create carbon negative impact and add value to many SDG’s additionally. ZEROCertified takes a leading role in this Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) by:

  1. Facilitating a market place – a credit trading platform - to connect upstream (demand side) and downstream customers (supply side) of the Verified Carbon Credits in which the added value of maximising the impact on the SDG’s will count.

  2. Having the experience and know-how to assign and develop methodologies for clients (who otherwise wouldn’t know how to participate in the VCM). 

  3. Focusing on large scale Carbon Reduction and Carbon Storage projects with industry-wide applicability to create large-scale impact all around the world.

  4. Accelerating the VCC market because we focus on both the industrial business segment and on regeneration projects, as there are great opportunities to untap in these segments for carbon reduction and storage.

Collaboration is a must when developing a new market, new services and especially new product/market combinations. Working together to identify new opportunities and thereby shape government policy is the main reason for ZEROCertified to join the CCU Alliance.

Anker Stercore
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