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“STERCORE believes in an innovative approach that uses advanced, technical and sustainable processes to achieve CO2 reduction ánd utilization by generating green energy and high-tech organic fertilizer from renewable residues without waste to ensure a balance between ecology, economy and society.”


Therefore STERCORE developed a technical pyrolysis process to produce high-quality Bio-Based Carbon as an high-tech organic based fertilizer and soil improver (enhanced Biochar) and sustainable green gas from various types of manure and digestate from co-digestion, without leaving any form of waste.


Regarding the energy transition, the production of Green gas or Bio- LNG reduces the need for fossil fuels. Based on sustainable agriculture, the use of Bio-Based Carbon produced by STERCORE limits the use of chemical fertilizers and crop protection products. In addition, the utilization of Bio-Based Carbon creates a CO2 absorption / storage capacity into the soil and the liquid CO2 (food grade, residual product of STERCORE) avoids use of gas for CO2 production in greenhouses and can be used as a cooling gas. Therefore STERCORE strongly supports CCU (Carbon Capture and Utilization).


To create sufficient political impact on CCU strategies to accelerate and implement CCU for the benefit of the planet, STERCORE subscribes as a co-founder the CCU-Alliance policy.


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Anker Stercore
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