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SCW Systems

­SCW Systems wants to contribute to cooling the earth by removing CO2 from the air and converting it into solid raw materials and by converting waste streams into clean gases. This way it contributes to the energy transition and a circular economy.

SCW Systems focuses on the useful reuse of the world's largest waste stream, CO2, and on the reuse of difficult-to-process wet organic residual and waste streams. Both innovative technologies create useful, high-quality new products through sustainable processes. The new technologies that are being developed are “Supercritical Water Gasification” and “CO2 CLEANUP”.

This is an internationally unique process, developed by SCW Systems, in which CO2 is first extracted from the atmosphere and then converted into useful solid powders that can serve as raw materials for existing industry. The purpose of this process is to convert CO2 in such a way that it can no longer return to the atmosphere. This results in so-called “negative CO2 emissions”, which contribute towards cooling the earth.

The Paris climate goals can not be achieved without negative CO2 emissions. To stimulate the development and scaling of relevant technologies, negative CO2 emissions must become part of national and international CO2 credit systems for the ‘CO2 cleaner’ to get paid for its cleanup services.

To accelerate the development of permanent sequestration and re-use of CO2, SCW Systems subscribes as a co-founder of the CCU-Alliance.

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Anker SCW Systems
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